instruction Philosophy

Our approach is to work with students individually so that they master the core foundational concepts that underlie Math and English Language Arts--concepts they can rely upon as they meet new challenges and increasingly advanced applications within each subject area.

We shape our one-on-one tutor sessions to suit individual students’ learning styles and goals, always with the intent of nurturing unique strengths while offering a constant source of challenge. We also send comprehensive follow-up notes and curriculum ideas.

Our tutors are highly experienced teachers and college professors who understand that one-on-one tutoring can be much more than “homework review” -- it is the basis for the most effective kind of education you can find.

We are here to offer lessons and content for those seeking to excel in their coursework or for those who wish to advance further than current educational facilities may provide, to teach core educational standards for home education, or if you have a standardized test to prep for, we’re here for you too.