Dereck Clemons

M.F.A. Iowa Writers' Workshop

I am an enthusiastic, organized tutor with over fourteen years experience teaching both college and K-12 students how to read and write for college. Much of my teaching career has been at UC Davis, Sacramento City College, Stanford Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY), and

My work has concentrated on reading comprehension, essay writing, grammar and sentence skills, and critical thinking, with thousands of essays and blue-book finals graded, so I know what is expected of students at the college level.

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Carolyn Scanlon

I am a collaborative, research driven educator that believes in providing an opportunity for all students to learn at their own pace. Most of my teaching career I spent teaching mathematics at the middle school and high school level. In addition to teaching in brick and mortar schools, I have also worked with the Consortium for Educational Change, Illinois Virtual School, and

Over the last few years, my work with students and teachers at the K-8 grade levels has focused on standards based unit development, assessment design and goal setting. Through this work, I have developed a strong understanding of the progression of math standards throughout the elementary to high school levels.

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